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Fulfilling the Promise of Innovation

Less than 50 percent of IT projects finish on time and within budget, according to CIO magazine. Public Sector Solutions Group reports a 100 percent success rate over the last 10 years, and we attribute our success to three essential criteria.

Domain Knowledge

Drawing upon our extensive experience with public sector organizations, we guide clients in understanding their current state and identifying where to improve to drive ROI. Through assessing gaps in their existing processes and benchmarking their organization against those in other jurisdictions, we determine the corrections customers require today and establish meaningful improvements for the future.

Project Management

Our project managers are skilled at both managing the day-to-day and anticipating what’s next, including the unexpected.  They guide smart decisions on project activities and expertly direct the best route forward. Our adherence to strict project management principles enables us to keep projects on track and on budget.

Throughout, we keep our customers informed with succinct written reports, consistent progress updates and immediate correspondence when challenges arise. These communications include project documentation that allows clients to look beyond the immediate to see what’s ahead — and the implications.

Technology Alignment

We are committed to delivering the best available technology that aligns with our customers’ critical business requirements. When possible, we use COTS solutions to drive down costs and allow our clients the opportunity to see the software in action before they make a decision.

If a business problem requires a custom solution, we draw upon our established relationships with leading software developers to ensure clients are fully supported.

Our goal: deliver the right solution to clients, in the most expeditious manner.


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Document Managers is a key partner in modernizing how we serve our customers. They have laid the framework for DOES to become completely paperless in the near future while still making information quickly available for our staff and customers.

LeJuan Strickland, DC Department of Employment Services May 19, 2017

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