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From creation through disposition, Public Sector Solutions Group supports clients in all phases of the document lifecycle—including compliance with the 2014 requirements of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). We do so through Document Managers, which we founded in 2000 and today thrives as a sister company to Public Sector Solutions Group.

Streamlining administration and storage

To drive efficiency and cost savings, we start each document management project by engaging key stakeholders to set project goals and discuss best-in-class options that will drive efficiency and cost savings. We then collaborate with our clients to model a comprehensive solution, which may incorporate document retention, digitization and formatting protocols to ensure data integrity.

The process culminates in our creating or modifying a platform that puts information at employees’ and constituents’ fingertips. Our longtime partnerships with technology providers such as FileNet, OnBase and Oracle enable us to equip organizations with reliable, scalable enterprise platforms that boost the productivity, ease and cost-effectiveness of their operations.

Assisting with regulatory challenges

We assist clients in preparing for 2019, when federal records centers will only accept permanent digital records in a digital format. The NARA-credentialed specialists on our document management team are experts in creating legally sufficient retention schedules and training staff on document management practices. They work closely with our expert technologists to customize data repositories and archival practices that will meet our clients’ unique requirements and maintain the highest standard of compliance.

Accommodating the range of needs

Because document management needs differ across organizations, we intentionally positioned ourselves to offer a range of solutions. This includes outsourced services for core scanning needs, which we have provided to clients from the District of Columbia Office of Corrections to the DC City Council. For organizations seeking to handle document management themselves, we will guide them toward the most appropriate commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) automation software or a custom solution.

When the District of Columbia needed millions of Medicaid claims bundled into a single repository, across nine agencies, Document Managers rose to the challenge. We installed and configured a new file management system designed for efficiency and effective constituent service, converted documentation for Medicaid claims, and audited the system for accuracy. We now serve as a full administrative services organization for billing, claims submittal and related administrative functions.


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Document Managers is a key partner in modernizing how we serve our customers. They have laid the framework for DOES to become completely paperless in the near future while still making information quickly available for our staff and customers.

LeJuan Strickland, DC Department of Employment Services May 19, 2017

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