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Public Sector Solutions Group guides clients in delivering the “faster, simpler, better” level of service citizens expect today from their public sector services.

In modernization projects, we work with clients to consider evolving technologies and constituent needs, including the special needs of specific segments of the population. And we go beyond task orders to envision solutions that operate at the intersection of knowledge, service, trust and accountability.

Redefining the impossible

In the District of Columbia, the Employer and Agent Self Service Portal (ESSP) we designed and implemented in partnership with Sagitec reduced paper-based quarterly wage filings by 76 percent. Key to its success: a flexible system that supported paper submissions during the transition, with on-site kiosks for employers who required support.

In the long-term, ESSP contributed to greater productivity and constituent self-service in the District’s unemployment insurance (UI) modernization program. Today, all employer registrations and 80 percent of account maintenance tasks are handled online through the portal. 

A vision to innovate

In every project, Public Sector Solutions Group dreams big, seizing the opportunity to push the boundaries of service and efficiency and fulfill our role as a think tank to create more connected communities. 


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Document Managers is a key partner in modernizing how we serve our customers. They have laid the framework for DOES to become completely paperless in the near future while still making information quickly available for our staff and customers.

LeJuan Strickland, DC Department of Employment Services May 19, 2017

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