PS2G Health Case Study

//PS2G Health Case Study

Health and Human Services Case Study

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Client Profile:

A manager of Medicaid payments to clinicians and long-term care providers, processes approximately 1 million invoices each month for reimbursement, requiring significant back-up and certification.

The challenge:

The labor-intensive intake and review process and the volume of information challenged the organization’s ability to follow up with providers on payments requiring clarification. The current system lacked transparency, and providers could not determine payment status.

The solution:

Public Sector Solutions Group implemented a custom COTS solution, the EASIpay e-invoicing portal.  EASIpay modifies an On-Base platform to the client’s specific program requirements.

Public Sector Solutions group provided user training for the client and healthcare providers.

Results so far:

Now users upload all associated documentation into the portal for a paperless workflow and improved tracking. Follow-up is facilitated through a dashboard that identifies unpaid invoices in real time.

The system gives healthcare providers a clear line of sight as to where payments are in the process and, via built-in intelligence, flags them when documents are missing or entries are required for payment.