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Public Sector Solutions Group understands the many programs that state labor departments are focused on as part of workforce development and assist them in meeting delivery every day.  From Youth Programs to Unemployment Insurance, we specialize in building automation into the workflows and maximizing opportunities to improve efficiency.

Highlighted Solutions

Without automation and the right technology, tasks to report quarterly and annual wages for unemployment insurance (UI) are labor-intensive for businesses and public partners. We developed, in partnership with Sagitec, the Employer Self-Service Portal (ESSP) that delivers one convenient place for registering, calculating and paying UI taxes online, freeing up UI tax teams’ time for analysis and business owners’ time for focusing on growth.

ESSP is a customizable tool, the addition of the Neofraud module identifies employers who are classifying their employees incorrectly.  Neofraud improves the accuracy of reporting by businesses, and reduces the public partner’s burden in uncollected unemployment insurance.

Read more about the ESSP project

Our People

From workforce development issues to compliance, we understand technology and how it applies to workflow. We apply our domain expertise to enterprise content management, technical writing, media strategy, continuity of operations planning (COOP) and beyond. And we guide organizations in automating, digitizing and modernizing their operations, so citizens, businesses, and communities can realize their full potential.

Public Sector Solutions Group tests and deploys systems across the full UI lifecycle and supports clients with help desk services.  For projects that require adoption by the public, PS2G’s help desk team can be used as a tool to support the transition to a full system implementation.


Our commitment to communities includes providing employment opportunities to local citizens and training them to excel. At our document management centers, we offer entry-level positions with on-the-job training and advancement opportunities for students and unemployed or underemployed individuals.


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Document Managers is a key partner in modernizing how we serve our customers. They have laid the framework for DOES to become completely paperless in the near future while still making information quickly available for our staff and customers.

LeJuan Strickland, DC Department of Employment Services May 19, 2017

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