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Public Sector Solutions Group works with publicly regulated entities to manage complex compliance and disclosure responsibilities, and data challenges to positively impact service delivery for the millions of customers and rate payers depending on them.

In a consolidating business environment, we guide public utilities/services through cost-effective mergers of legacy systems and data. And as public utilities focus on redefining their service portfolios, our support enables them to keep mission-critical operations and services up and running.

Highlighted Solutions

When Pepco Holdings, Inc. sought to merge the data of five companies under Exelon Corporation, we guided their evaluation of document platforms with a complete analysis of the alternatives. Our knowledge of data integrity and security was crucial, as many documents needed to be retained in perpetuity.

For the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA), we customized a tool to evaluate the use of office equipment and reduce these assets by 40 percent. We worked with them to identify opportunities to standardize hardware and software purchases—enabling greater discounts, lower maintenance costs and swifter employee learning curves.

Our People

Public Sector Solutions Group’s experts in enterprise resource planning (ERP) software provide vital support (and avert major headaches) for publicly regulated entities’ core functions, from HR to payroll to accounts payable and beyond.

We assist clients like Montgomery County, Maryland with ERP application development and implementation. Our subject matter experts—and their certifications—set us apart. We have database administrators, system architects, business analysts and testers ready to support SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics AX.


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Document Managers is a key partner in modernizing how we serve our customers. They have laid the framework for DOES to become completely paperless in the near future while still making information quickly available for our staff and customers.

LeJuan Strickland, DC Department of Employment Services May 19, 2017

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