Public Utilities/Services Case Study

//Public Utilities/Services Case Study

Public Utilities/Services Case Study

— Professional Services —

Client Profile:

An airport authority serving two major metropolitan airports and over 46 million passengers each year needed to significantly streamline its use of personal printers.

The challenge:

An evaluation of the current state revealed a ratio of 1.3 to 1 printing devices for every employee in the enterprise.  The evaluation included personal printers, group printers, and multi-function copiers that print.  The desire to cut costs and eliminate redundancy was a top priority.

The solution:

Public Sector Solutions Group installed an asset management tracking tool on the client’s network to understand the current state.  The tool tracked print volumes, feature usage and job size on networked and non-networked devices.

We built a use case that identified minimum daily usage to justify personal printers and the maximum distance lower-volume users would walk to a shared device.

Results so far:

Our approved consolidation plan will reduce the airport authorities’ devices by 40 percent.

Furthermore, model standardization will reduce supply costs and requirements for on-hand inventory.

Upon full implementation, the consolidation plan is projected to save 22 percent annually.