Systematically collecting health information through Health Risk Assessments (HRA) assists in the identification of risk factors, chronic disease, and other expensive to treat health conditions. Early identification and intervention can reduce long-term benefit costs to the Medicaid program, as well as contribute to better health for the overall population.

Per a 2016 survey of US Health Care Consumers, published by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, smartphones are used by approximately 70 percent of Medicaid members, making an app a viable solution to reach members.   Previous mobile app solutions in the market have focused on a particular condition (diabetes, pregnancy) or process (medication management).  Lacking a holistic view of patient health or behavior, the usage of these apps diminish over time. The unified platform of HealConnect supports multiple conditions, pregnancy, diabetes, and mental health are just a few examples. Based on the identified conditions, the Medicaid Departments may push personalized content to the member and improving the experience.

About three-quarters of households receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits have at least one member receiving health coverage through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The ability for members with SNAP eligibility to access their Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) transactions and history would allow them to better plan their food purchases.  This integration of a holistic view of health condition(s), coupled with SNAP and CHIP supports navigation to appropriate nutrition choices.

Managing the member address database has been an ongoing challenge for Medicaid Departments. On average, agencies experience a 15-20% return on member communications, usually after USPS address verification and mail forward.  HealConnect allows members to update their addresses and receive important correspondence via a mobile app. The result is an improved member experience and reduced costs.


The Department will have the ability to communicate and push updates to the members through the app.  Surveys can be quickly uploaded to the app and, program staff will be able to monitor the survey results including, who has responded, how many members have responded, and if the survey is complete. If a survey has not been completed, a reminder can be issued as an alert.


In addition to engaging members in wellness programs to address their health conditions, the platform will have the ability to send and receive eligibility information. Sending reminders when eligibility is about to expire, and allowing the member to update/verify status information are just two examples of the functionality.  HealConnect can also be integrated with other programs, such as SNAP/WIC/TANF for EBT or premium billing programs.  This allows members to track EBT balances or make online payments directly through the app.


  • One all-inclusive platform for members to manage Medicaid and wellness
  • The mobile application will be available for all Medicaid members to download free of charge. If the Member has not downloaded the application, communication can be sent through a short message service (SMS), such as information about benefits changes, surveys, et, however, the main purpose of the SMS message will be to encourage members to download the app.
  • Members will be able to track appointments, medication, weight gain, diet, activity level, and Medicaid eligibility
  • Automated and Department generated reminders and alerts will be easily pushed to members, such as, take medication, upcoming appointments, time to schedule a routine exam, Medicaid benefit package changes, complete a survey, or reapply for eligibility
  • Potential to share data between divisions, such as Public Health and Safety Division for their wellness programs
  • Opportunity to engage members with personalized incentives
  • Reduced call volumes, by allowing members to update their information through the app
  • Improve address management
  • This platform would allow for telemedicine or virtual medicine programs to be linked directly to the app
  • Members will be able to find in-network providers and select a primary provider
  • Members have the option to securely make online payments, such as premium and spend-down payments
  • Potential to integrate with SNAP/WIC/TANF data and have members access their EBT balance and history
  • Potential to link the app directly to medical devices
  • Chat with care/case management programs throughout the Department at different levels of chat engagement, including, automated responses based on app data, secure messaging, and potential for live chat in the future and
  • Fully compliant with HITRUST, HIPPA, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
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