Our Mission

The United States continues to represent the highest per capita spend for Healthcare in the world; but ranks below average in avoidable mortality. Our mission is to leverage technology to lower delivery costs and engage healthcare members in a partnership for healthy behavior.

Health Care Operations Management Solutions

Solution Suite

Public Sector Solutions Group

Layered Outreach

The goal of layered outreach is to connect with members in a manner they are most comfortable, promoting education, healthy actions/outcomes, and general engagement. 

 Use Cases:

Campaign and Event Notices

ER Diversion

HEDIS Outreach



Public Sector Solutions Group

Member Services

PS2G keeps members first when constructing solutions in line with our clients.  We consider the membership demographics and build in intelligence to verify our assumptions.

 Use Cases:

Critical Incident Reporting

Customer Service Call Centers

Rewards & Reward Administration

Public Sector Solutions Group


A lean six sigma black belt leads this team with over 10 years of experience in Managed Care and Public Health.  Our team uses the rigor of continuous improvement to drive meaningful and sustainable innovation. 

 Use Cases:


Operational Efficiency

  • Claims / Provider Relations
  • Quality
  • Compliance

“Patient-centered care…relies upon effective communication, empathy, and a feeling of partnership….” HealthAffairs