Public Sector

Project Management and IT Support Services

Delivering the right skills and results when they’re needed most.

Public Sector Solutions Group provides government staffing with domain expertise in:

  • Project Management
  • Healthcare
  • IT Support
  • Business Regulations and Compliance
  • Systems Integration
  • Clerical Support
  • Contracting
  • Records Management

Proven processes for reliability and results.

With years of experience staffing the range of public sector initiatives, Public Sector Solutions Group knows what works in government staffing and project management.

We use our proven “Validate, Define, Identify” methodology to cost-effectively match personnel to project requirements. On the job, we team seasoned managers with project specialists of all levels of experience to maximize the sharing of knowledge, exposure to successful practices, and generation of fresh ideas. If any transitions occur during an assignment, we use proven processes to maintain service at a superior level.

To keep the quality of our work consistently high, we administer ongoing training, feedback, customer satisfaction surveys, and staff evaluations throughout each job and evaluate staff management monthly to identify areas of need and improvement.

Solution Suite

Public Sector Solutions Group

Digital Transformation

Utilizing structured continuous improvement and logic models, PS2G digitally transforms paper-based processes by implementing secure customer-facing intake; optimizing internal and external workflows to facilitate legally sufficient record keeping.

PS2G unlocks the information stored in public records for real-time access, based on roles/restrictions established by the agency.

Use Cases:

  • Records Retention
  • Digital Conversion of Hardcopy Records
Public Sector Solutions Group

Managed Services

Our team is NARA certified experts, base the service on Presidential Orders M-12-18 and M-19-21; and applicable local laws/regulations.

Use Cases:

  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Cloud Security
  • Contracting
  • IT Support
Public Sector Solutions Group


A lean six sigma black belt leads this team with over 10 years of experience in Managed Care and Public Health. Our team uses the rigor of continuous improvement to drive meaningful and sustainable innovation.

Use Cases:

  • Workflow Automation
  • Cyber Security
  • Professional Services
  • Project Management

PS2G provides a full digital conversion strategy for public records in the public sector vertical. Our services span the full record life cycle, from creation to disposition.